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Hi! So honored you’re checking out my website!

I am Marielle Weichert-Welten. Together with my loving husband and kids, and our cat Choco we live in Waalre, The Netherlands.

Besides my job and my family I have a great passion for drawing and painting. Because I was never able to choose between using acrylic paints, watercolours, markers and pencils I become more and more excited when introduced to mixed media arts. I found a way to combine all my favourite media, sometimes even with collage. That’s my other passion: my love for beautiful papers and old books.

Being able to get educated (online classes and in person classes) by some of the best mixed media artists in the world (Donna Downey, Annie Lockhart, Jodi Ohl, Danielle Donaldson, Ursula Wollenberg, Toni Burt,  Birgit Koopsen, Kate Crane, Dina Wakley, Tamara Laporte, Annie Hamman, Micki Wilde and many more) I was able to find my way to express my love for colours, textures and composition. Greatly inspired by these wonderful teachers I am now on my way finding my own voice.

I am thrilled to present most of my paintings on this website. They are all made from high quality materials and loads of love. Either made on canvas, wood panel or high quality watercolour/sketching paper.

If you have any questions, are interested in purchasing or just want to send me a message you can reach me here: Contactformulier

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